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WONDER Luxe Body Oil - Deep Hydration

WONDER Luxe Body Oil - Deep Hydration

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Do you want soft, supple, radiant sexy skin? WONDER is rich in vitamin C & E and deeply moisturizes the skin due to its exceptionally high oleic acid (omega – 9) content.  Anti-ageing & cicatrizant blend of Marula & Camellia Oils promote the recovery of wounds and scrapes and protect the skin from free radical damage that causes signs of ageing.  A small amount is required, as a little goes a long way. The pleasant and relaxing scent of mint, orange and vanilla oils uplift, while calming and relaxing.

WONDER luxe body oil is perfect for pregnant women to lock moisture onto the skin and help prevent stretchmarks. BENEFITS: Deeply moisturizing. Antimicrobial and antibacterial. Relieve skin irritations. Vanilla oil to uplift, while calming and relaxing. Reduces redness and inflammation. USES: Massage oil: Apply to skin and massage into body. Deeper moisturization: apply wonder luxe body oil and follow with BUTTERFUL Marula Body butter.

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