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Alchemi™ Smoked Cocktail Kit

Alchemi™ Smoked Cocktail Kit

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Our Smoked Cocktail Kit is designed specifically for cocktails, so customers can achieve ideal smoke infusion without wasting smoke. This kit allows customers to create the perfect environment for imparting smoke flavor with the least amount of effort or fuss. Our smoke rinse method requires no mechanical parts and saves space over bulky alternatives. We refined the process to create a reliable infusion system with a better end result. No blowing smoke.

Since our Smoked Cocktail Set is purpose-built, it’s more efficient than DIY alternatives, but each component fits right into anyone's home bar kit. Give your customers the perfect combination of mixology trend and useful bar tool. Quantity: 5-piece set Material: Black borosilicate glass, matte black silicone, whiskey-soaked oak and charcoal pellets Included: 1 Glass Smoking Stand, 1 Glass Infuser Carafe, 1 Silicone Stopper, 20 Smoking Pellets, 1 Recipe Booklet Cocktail glass not included. Care: Hand wash only

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