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It's wash day for anyone with natural curls. Let's get your curls hydrated with our Calm & Clean Hydrating Shampoo, Curl Quench Conditioner and Curl Lock Cream Curl Enhancing cream. These three products will have your hair bouncing with shine and moisturized with natural ingredients infused with the wonder of Green Tea. In addition, they will have a relaxing scent made from a select blend of essential oils. With organic natural coconut oil, the all natural elixir will provide your curls with extra shine and help repair damaged hair. Be sure to exfoliate your scalp with the scalp exfoliator. It's like a head massage in the shower.


Natural Curls

Excluding Sales Tax
  • - Locks Of Liz/ Calm & Clean Hydrating Shampoo

    - Locks Of Liz/ Curl Quench Conditioner

    - Locks Of Liz/ Curl Lock Cream Curl Enhancing cream

    - HB Hyssop/ All Natural Hair Elixir

    - Kitsch/ Scalp Exfoliator



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