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  • How long would it take my gift box to ship?
    It depends on the type of shipping you select. If you choose standard shipping, your gift should arrive within 3-5 business days. If you choose express shipping, we would send it out immediately and it should arrive in 1-2 business days. If you have questions regarding shipping, please reach out to us at
  • How does shipping work?
    All orders are fulfilled and shipped out of our D.B. Gifts Warehouse located in New Jersey Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Orders arriving after 12:00 PM EST will go into production on the following business day. Shipping varies depending on your specific needs and location, we encourage everyone to track their orders via our website for quick order tracking updates.
  • Do we ship internationally?
    The international shipping is not yet available, but we are working on it.
  • How do I know when my box arrived?
    Your beautiful gesture will surely surprise them!We’ll be sure to keep you informed along the way and send you an email upon arrival!
  • Will my gift include a receipt?
    We understand most of our boxes are shipped directly to the recipient and most often are gifts so no worries, we will be sure to keep your secret and privacy!
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